Saqib In the kitchen during a residency at the Montalvo Artist Center.

Saqib Keval spent his childhood learning how to cook from his family and learned the importance of cooking with love from his grandmother's hands. Saqib cooks and organizes with a revolutionary Love from the kitchen to the streets. His work is focused on imagining and supporting new food systems focused on social justice movement building, political education and creating radical space in the dining room. He is the founder of the People's Kitchen, a community restaurant project focused on storytelling and radical social justice organizing through food. Under his direction, The People's Kitchen has flourished for 8 years as a sustainable grassroots political project and restaurant model with the belief that good food should be accessible to everyone and that recipes are a powerful tool for telling community histories. 


As a food scholar focused on decolonization through food, he has lectured at universities across the country, working at the intersection of food, art and political education. He trained as a chef in Aix-en-Provence, France for 2 years and has helped open and manage restaurants throughout California. He is a community organizer with a long history of intersectional grassroots organizing nationally. He has worked most deeply in the food justice field, and spent 3 years with People’s Grocery, a groundbreaking food justice organization, developing and managing their social enterprise incubator program and food justice fellowship. Most recently, he worked with The Restaurant Opportunities Center as the national manager of the COLORS restaurants located in Detroit and NYC.


Photographer: Tina Case

Location: Montalvo Arts Center, Lucas Artist Residency. 2016